Saint Job Church, Uccle

50° 47' 38" NB , 4° 22' 0" OL

To see and see again: the Peregrine Falcons of Uccle

Uccle is a green municipality, large in area (22.91 km²) and heavily populated (more than 82 000 inhabitants). It shelters various animal species among which one finds since 2015 our famous pair of Peregrine Falcons.

Our municipality is strong in its environmental policies, its environmental service, its action plans which pushes it little by little on the path of transition ... Uccle is preparing a Climate Action Program which replaces its Local Agenda 21 and its Carbon Accounting and has adopted a Nature Plan since 2016, which is materializing a little more every day. Among the municipality initiatives, we can mention the movement to a "zero pesticide" municipality, the rehabilitation of waterflow, the green space management plan of the Verrewinkel cemetery, the promotion of composting and vegetable crops ...

As the Nature Plan pinpoints, we will continue to preserve the Peregrine Falcon wherever it spontaneously established. This is for the greatest happiness of everyone.

Making positive ecology, raising awareness of nature and having a playful approach is essential. This is why it is necessary to extend this initiative which aims to allow the observation of the family falcon in the bell tower of the Church of St. Job. You can see and see again the Peregrine Falcons of Uccle.

Maëlle De Brouwer,

Municipal Councilor of the Environment