Saint Job Church, Uccle

50° 47' 38" NB , 4° 22' 0" OL

To see and see again: the Peregrine Falcons of Uccle

Uccle has the chance to be a green municipality, full of biodiversity and its many Natura 2000 areas. Actually, it accommodates a diversified urban wildlife, where we can find since 2015 our famous pair of Peregrine Falcons. As we can't go against the natural course of events, it seems that we welcome this year new residents of Uccle since another pair occupies the nest from now on.

Our municipality can lean on its environmental policy, its Environmental Service, its experimental resilient projects subsidised by the region, its action plans that push it gradually on the way of the transition, ...

Uccle prepares a Climate Plan and has since 2016 a Nature Plan, that is materialized a little more every day. Some of these initiatives: the change-over to "zero pesticide" since several years, the progressive rehabilitation of the streams, the implementation and the preparation of management plans for the green areas, the taking on of a "tree referent", the planning and the more responsible management of our green areas, several projects for the greening of the public area, some of them directly with the residents, the support and the promotion of composting and vegetable gardens, ...

As the Nature Plan foresees, we sustain the presence of the Peregrine Falcon where his spontaneous settling is noticed. His presence is the proof that the policies for the preservation of the biodiversity partially bear fruit, even if there's still a lot of work to do and the bird flu is never far away.

Raise awareness of the protection of the nature and have a frivolous approach in this way are fundamental. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain this initiative every year, that allows to observe the nest in the bell tower of the church of Saint-Job. As a result, you can admire the Peregrine Falcons of Uccle again and again.

Maëlle De Brouwer,

Municipal executive councillor for Environment